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We are dedicated to improving people's hearing experience and enhancing their quality of life.

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Hearing Test

Audium offers comprehensive hearing tests conducted by certified audiologists. These tests assess hearing ability across different frequencies and help identify any hearing loss or related issues.

Hearing Aid

Audium provides a wide range of hearing aid options tailored to individual needs and preferences. Their expert team assists clients in selecting the most suitable hearing aids based on factors such as lifestyle, hearing loss severity, and budget.

New Born Hearing Testing

Audium specializes in newborn hearing screening services to detect hearing impairments in infants early on. Timely identification allows for prompt intervention and support, promoting optimal development and communication skills.

Best Repairing Services

Audium offers top-notch repairing services for hearing aids and related equipment. Their skilled technicians diagnose and repair issues efficiently, ensuring that clients' devices function optimally and reliably.

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Shaping the Future of Sound

Audium specializes in providing cutting-edge hearing aid services tailored to individuals who struggle with hearing loss. If you find yourself unable to fully participate in conversations or enjoy the sounds of the world around you, our team is here to help. With our expertise and advanced technology, we're dedicated to improving your hearing and enhancing your quality of life.

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Audium Clinic, founded by Dr. Sakti Prasad Mohanty, offers comprehensive services for speech, language, and hearing disorders. Our expertise includes diagnosis and treatment for all ages, along with a range of top international brand hearing aids. Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, we personalize solutions for each individual's unique needs, including cochlear implant evaluations for severe to profound loss.

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Our specialists conduct thorough assessments to determine your hearing needs.

No, we offer comfortable, customized fittings for maximum comfort.

We offer a wide range of hearing aids, including behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), completely-in-canal (CIC), and invisible-in-canal (IIC) options.

Our audiologists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess your hearing needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Based on this assessment, they will recommend the most suitable hearing aid for you.

Yes, we offer hearing aid trial periods to allow you to experience the benefits of the device in your everyday life before making a final decision.

Our fitting process includes programming the hearing aids to your specific hearing loss, adjusting settings for optimal comfort and performance, and providing guidance on how to use and care for your device.

Yes, we provide maintenance and repair services for all types of hearing aids. Our technicians can troubleshoot issues, perform repairs, and provide regular maintenance to keep your device in top condition.

We offer warranties on hearing aids to cover manufacturing defects and provide optional insurance plans for additional coverage against accidental damage or loss.

Yes, we offer upgrade options to keep pace with advancements in hearing aid technology. Our team will work with you to determine the best upgrade solution based on your needs and preferences.

Absolutely! We offer ongoing support and follow-up care to ensure that your hearing aid continues to meet your needs. Our audiologists are available to address any concerns, make adjustments, and provide guidance on maximizing the benefits of your device.

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Get your hearing tested for free in just 10 minutes!

Get your hearing tested for free in just 10 minutes!

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